Nong Smitinand Flowers

Nong Smitinand Flowers
Nong Smitinand FlowersNong Smitinand FlowersNong Smitinand Flowers
Nong Smitinand FlowersNong Smitinand FlowersNong Smitinand Flowers


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Nong grew up in Thailand and spent her childhood immersed in nature – her dad worked in  forestry and her great grandfather was a botanist, leaving a legacy of books and journals as an expert in Thai orchids.

They passed on their love of nature, and flowers in particular, and you can see it in Oxford-based Nong’s work.

She creates stunning bouquets with combinations that Nong describes as in harmony with nature, using seasonal flowers and British ones when possible.

As Nong Says...

This backdrop to my life has influenced the way I view and appreciate flowers, something I try to demonstrate through the aesthetics of my work. I would summarise my style as one that is in touch with nature. Gentle and subtle. Working in harmony with the flowers allows me to be adaptable to the specifics of any occasion.

Florists of Nong's ability and reputation get booked up fast, add her to your wish list and enquire about your dates as soon as you can.

Remember if you need more information just go to the about us/contact link and send a hire enquiry form or just ring on 07850-334326

As you can imagine Prices for Nongs services are extremely difficult to quote here as it always depends upon your dream for the special day.

Of course it costs you nothing to get in touch and have a friendly chat about your requirements and are under no obligation.

We are so pleased here at Cotswold Weddings and Events to have Nong with us and we are sure she can make your floral dreams come true.

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